Pauline Beatrice Goggin

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Pauline Beatrice Goggin

My work and social practice aspires to the political in ways that are outside of the exercise of power has influenced current practice which seeks to contest the pathologisation of feelings that are natural human responses to traumatic public events and political decisions.

In the creation of spaces for what Lauren Berlant describes as Intimate Publics, and in recognition of the desire for the political, my practice and process has taken a more conscious pedagogical turn along with experimenting and opening to new forms and descriptions of the aesthetic. An interest in affect, emotion and subjectivity leading the way for belonging ahead of the modes of rational or deliberative thought inspires the current project (Public Worry) with the focus on how strangers attach to each other and shape the terms of the State – Civil Society relation.

Biographical note:

A graduate from Limerick School of Art and Design in the early 1970s, she returned to L.S.A.D. in September 2011 to participate in the MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment.An interest in local and global social justice issues has motivated an interest in socially engaged practices. She is currently re-engaging with feminism, activism the political and less visible art forms, observing with interest the progress of the Occupy movement, worldwide.

She has shown her work in cycles, from 1986-1992, 2001-2012 at home and abroad.

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