Aughty Walk: Rural Futures

A Public Art Project by Emma Houlihan
August 2010
Aughty Public Art Projects, Part of Galway County Council Percent for Art Scheme 2010

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Emma Houlihan, a visual artist from Clare, is involved in a new series of Public Art works in the Aughty region of County Galway, commissioned by Galway County Council. Her project “Aughty Walk: Rural Futures” takes the form of a week long hike through the regions beautiful and wild upland bogs and mountainous landscape. She will camp along the way, meeting local people on her journey and engaging in discussions on the identity of the region and it’s future. She hopes to make connections between the local and the global – and is interested in generating discourse and conversation around issues of what the future scenarios and indeed possibilities lie ahead for rural places like Aughty.

The Aughty Walk will start in Woodford, at the Heritage Centre on the 23rd August at 10am and sweep around the Aughty’s, taking in Scalp, Cappaghabaun Mounatin, Flagmount, Derrybrien, Cashlaundrumlahan and Killendeema before finishing up in Woodford again on Saturday 28th, where Emma will join up with the “Dúshlán Ard Aoibhinn” National Heritage Week walk to the highest Summit in the Aughty Region. For up to date information on Emma’s route and dates go to or call Áine on 0862450315

During her Aughty Walk, Emma will record in an informal way, the conversations and exchanges she encounters. She will host two evenings for talk and exchanges. On Wednesday 25th, when she arrives into Derrybrien she will meet with locals, visitors and friends at 7pm in Egan’s Pub. On Saturday 28th, everyone is welcome at Moran’s Pub in Woodford at 7pm to meet and hear about Emma’s journey, watch a slide show from the Aughty Walk and listen to music from Ceile.

Documentation of her entire project, alongside the works of two other artists involved in the Public Art Commission will be exhibited in Woodford Library and Woodford Heritage Centre from the 2nd to the 17th December 2010. All the work produced by the three artists will be showcased and a small publication recording the whole project “Aughty Public Art Projects” will be produced for free distribution.

The general public is warmly invited to join Emma on her Aughty Walk, for certain stages or even for the whole journey!
Leaving Woodford on Monday 23rd August at 10 am from The Heritage Centre.

• 3 Day hike via Scalp, Cappaghabaun Mounatin, Turkenagh Mountain, Flagmount, and Derrykeel.
Arriving in Derrybrien on the evening of Wednesday August 25th
• Rural Futures presentation in Egan’s Pub at 7pm
• Leaving Derrybrien Thursday August 26th from outside Egan’s Pub at 9:30 AM
heading North west. Visit to the Derrybrien windfarm.
• Hike North in the afternoon towards Cashlaundrumlahan in the Killendeema direction. Head back south east towards Woodford.
• Arrive Woodford in the evening of Friday August 27th.
• Join up with The National Heritage Week walk  “Dúshlán Ard Aoibhinn” to the hightest Summit in the Aughty Region onSaturday August 28th at 11am Woodford Church.
• “Aughty Walk: Rural Futures” Closing Event 7pm in Moran’s Pub Woodford