Through 2014 the collective theme of dwelling, which was articulated in the essay of Fiona Woods, supported a series of meetings and mini residencies.  which considered these ideas as they related to the collective and the individual artist practices.

transition period evolving blueprint for thinking Dwelling In Time, 2015 - A reflection from an island.

Dwelling in Time brought forward the following ingredients in our collective practices:

Fermenting-Experiment-Kneading-Bread-Eating-Sharing-Time-Research-Participation-Hosting-Collaborations-Connection-Duration-Visitors-Audience-Encounter-Interviews-Exhibition-Events-Outreach-Meetings-Documentation-Looking forward.

The word “dwelling” can suggest place, habitation, or home. As a verb its more active, in calling up ideas about living, a sense of conscious decision, or  staying with whatever is in focus. It also suggests time, reflection and waiting with slow patience.